Sunday, August 24, 2008

pigs, ponderings and rants

I really love watching the pigs, still :) I went out to water them and I finally say the pig that drinks from the hose. She is so smart. I was in awe of this little pig, so much so I am considering keeping her and breeding her. I'm only thinking about it, I probably won't do it. I am very thrilled with our pigs, they are a little smelly when it rains but otherwise they are fine. I do think I will want an area for them to graze but the logistics of that are not there yet. There is so much that needs to be considered. I think I will use the old chicken coop as a pig pen and fence off that area for the next batch of pigs, but the number of pigs will be determined by a pre-order process. I finally found a meat processor to work with, that it is a USDA inspected facility is a great bonus. I was really disappointed by the processor in Yoder, they definitely are not out to help small farmers. I think it is somewhat false advertising that they use, from their ad it could be construed that they use small farms in their area to supply their meat, the truth is they us a single supplier for beef and another for pork. The only exception is if a specialty is not carried by that farmer, who then will purchase it from elsewhere. Anyway, we will be using the Walnut Valley locker in El Dorado as they are very small farmer friendly, their prices are reasonable which is not a cost included by the farmer but the consumer. I was really impressed. On another note I find it very interesting to watch the pigs grow. We have a crossbred group - hampshire/duroc. The pigs that favor the duroc are MUCH fatter than all of the rest. The reddish coloring is the give away. The "true" crosses (red color with white stripe) are also fairly big. The hampshire are still fairly small by comparisson. I suppose this is why large pig farms prefer the duroc breed.


1homzcoolmama said...

Just wondering, without being too nosy... whereabouts in the midwest are you located? I'm south of Chicago. I would like to get more info on how you manage your dexters and pigs. I have a 5 acre homestead where I tend a large garden and a small flock of chickens. We buy freezer beef from a farmer friend of ours, but I'm thinking about keeping my own feeder calf and pig in the next spring or so. I live in a subdivision, but own 5 acres in the middle of it, so if I keep my number of critters low, I think I can get away with one or two more animals. In your experience, do you think keeping 1 dexter and one pig would be possible without raising too much of a "stink" (literally)... Thoughts/suggestions?... thanks!

Janelle said...

we live in Kansas. As long as you regularly muck the area your pig is in then there should be no real issues in terms of stink. That said, you definaetly want to keep your pig area downwind just in case. Dexters are awesome and really do not require very much, there is not a whole lot of stink for 1 little dexter on a nice size pasture. I hope that helps. There are 3 yahoo groups dedicated to Dexters and they are a great resource:

Personally, I would think a flock of chickens are more likely to cause more of a stink than 1 Dexter and 1 pig.

I think I'm gonna need some gardening and chicken tips from you soon :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

Wow! Just found you! You are living my dream on the farm. I am keeping the faith that I will be there soon. Good for you!

Janelle said...

hi Heidi, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to say hi :) I hope you get to live your dream too :)