Sunday, August 31, 2008

We were honored

Today we had the honor of being God-parents for the first time. It was a beautiful baptism and we were blessed to be apart of it. Here are a few pics.

There'd be more but when I checked the battery on the camera last night it said full but after we took the last pic it told us the battery was empty :( The experience was wonderful and everything was beautiful.


Kansas Mom said...

Hey - I recognize that dad and daughter! You have some wonderful pictures and a great view. Could you put them on Snapfish or something so I could order a few?

Thank you again for agreeing to be godparents. I'm really looking forwar to having you over so you can hang out with the little one for a while. We move in a week and I have high hopes we'll be settled within a year! (Ha!)

Kansas Mom said...

By the way, Father used a ton of oil on Second Daughter. We scrubbed and scrubbed, but she still smelled a little like a Christmas cookie for days!