Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pig Adventures: Part 5

The pigs are such a squirly bunch, they are like a cross between children and dogs. I was chatting with a colleague who used to be a pig farmer and he asked it they did the trick where they all pile up and push against the fence, I was so amazed it was as if he'd met them, lol. Luckily, I reinforced all the pig panels yesterday to make certain that this little game doesn't go any further, but I'd never would have guess that they would be so feisty. This is akin to a child trying to get out of a playpen or crib.

Oh right, you want to know what happened to the rogue 4, well I can tell you this, they were smart enough to go into the garage and seek shelter from the very hot day. They found my garbage that was waiting for the trash truck on Thursday and made a big ole mess everywhere, and when they got a bit munchy they would stroll over to some grass and eat, or eat Quinn's range cubes. They also had a blast in the barn while the cows were out to pasture, and they were all muddy from the rolling around in front of the cow water buckets which we usually overflow to make sure no bugs are in.

They decided to be non-compliant before I left for work so we had to wait until I returned home, the temperature was over 101 so there was little motivation to go outside. We finally gave in and Dh, AR and I began a pig running system whereby dh stood at the gate holding it open and making sure the others didn't rush out, I ran interference on the side with my handy dandy hog whip and AR would make a huge circle and run them into the pen.

We were really encouraged when we got the first 2 in and it was a great rush knowing that we had thought this through and it was working. That is until we tried to repeat our success with the final 2, now called "lean bacon" and "organic bacon" :) After several attempts and felling like we'd die of heat stroke and/or dehydration we finally locked up the 13 and came inside. Tomorrow is another day after all, we'll wait to get them then :)

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