Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Rainbow

Yesterday was a very, VERY, stressful day. We left to go pick up our soon to be stanchion 2 hours away. We were making excellent time in fact we were early, a key sign something was going to go wrong. I get to the ATM only to realise that the new bank card we got is not working with the pin. :( Since our other bank also sent new cards we hadn't learnt those pin numbers yet either, to say the least this was very embarrassing. I called the seller (who had driven 3.5 hours in his pickup instead of his fuel efficient car), he was very understanding and even offered to take a check, I don't ever keep checks. :( Thinking on my feet I offered to do an instant payment via paypal, turns out he's never used it :( He then remembered that he had a buddy who might have an account so we began trying to get that worked out. NO luck, his buddy used it once and doesn't know the email or password used. :( Once again I started to think and remembered that I could use Moneygram, I called my darling sister and asked her to send the money so that he could pick up at wallyworld. Let me just say that that process was horribly painful. For a good hour their customer service tortured me telling me they had no record of the transaction. At this point dh was going to be late for work :( I was really impressed by how well he handled the whole situation and by the end the money arrived and the seller gave us some great tips for halter breaking calves.

We were off to drop dh to work and as we drove we couldn't help but notice the beautiful scenery. Take a look:

Anyway, to say the least our spirits were once again lifted and it didn't even matter that by dropping dh off at work would mean that we'd have to go pick him up at 4am. It was just too good to be bummed.

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