Sunday, August 3, 2008

Warm weather returns

We have had triple digits for the last few days and it has been welcome. The pig pen does not smell any more and the ground has had a chance to dry. The pigs are getting nice and fat, though some are still smaller than others.

A guy came by to find out if we would rent out our pasture, he has 4 cows, 3 calves and another due soon. He recently moved to the area and had tried to buy our house apparently. Really nice guy but I don't think we'll be renting to him. The risk of overgrazing is too great with that many regular size animals. While he was here though he did take a look at our lawnmower an gave me a few tips as well as getting it to start :) Nice guy, I hope he finds a place to pasture his lot :)

I have been so excited for my friend Jen as they waited on their surprise baby calf to arrive. It is a great surprise for a Cattle owner big or small to find that his cow is pregnant and even more so when a heifer calf is born. Congrats to all :)

I sat mowing my lawn yesterday and it was wonderful. Of course then the lawnmower died again once I got to the other side, but I decided that it needed a break anyway :) Today I'll get it going again.

Quinn has been having a great time in his 3 corral spread, he run for no apparent reason, then practices his jumps, I am so amused by this. He gets to talk to Keegan and the others when they come up from the pasture, it is fun to watch as they talk through the fence. I'm sure Quinn is formulating a break out strategy but no matter, for now he is fattening up and eating. I had to remove his halter as he has outgrown it, I need to get him a new one.

My "garden" or as the bugs like to call it, their lunch is doing very well feeding the bugs that have decided to feast on it. I think the cucumbers are the only thing that might make it, though the cantaloupe looks like it may come in nicely as well. I started some pigeon peas inside the well house as it prefers shade, I am eager to see if I can sustain them when they are ready to be transplanted. Pigeon peas are not native to this area, I grew up having it grow right outside my house. Of course I am very used to seeing it in the can in Miami but in Texas and Kansas it is not easily found. Dillons will do a special order but it costs over a $1 a can :(

Well, I'm off to fight the lawn mower and maybe get my paper done. I really do hate procrastinating but I dislike papers even more. :)

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