Thursday, August 21, 2008

New rule

Well we're finally back from picking up the hay mover. Let me just say, that was an ordeal!! Dh was running an hour late for us to leave to pick it up and it was almost 3 hours away from my work. But the time we got there it was very late and I was so tired. The trek home would be even longer as we live an hour from my work. :( Not to mention the fact that we had to stop by work to pick up the car.

So the new rule is: No purchasing of farm equipment(no matter how pretty) that is more than an hour from my job, and definitely no attempting to pick it up during the week.

We had so much to do this morning that I ended up taking off work to get it all done and get a bit more rest. Somehow going to bed at 2am means that driving to work at 6:30 is out of the question, I can't imagine why that is. Our middle 2 went in for Pre-K testing and HG is tickled pink that school will be starting soon, SM is working on being excited.

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