Friday, August 8, 2008


Ok, I have found something worse than mice and flies, never thought that would happen, snake!!! I was walking into my bathroom and the decidedly courteous snake decided to leave via the other door. While I do admire the snake's respect for my privacy, I am not so thrilled that he chose to enter me home. What's worse is trying to figure out where in this old house he entered :( All I can say is, at least dh is not making fun anymore when I have him go check the bathroom to make sure there is nothing that can eat my face, long story. I do feel a little better that it wasn't one of the big, fat ones you see on tv, it was just a skinny little thing but it was about 18 - 24 inches long :( Dh says it probably was chasing the mice, so does that mean I'll have to get a mongoose to eat the snake once the mice are gone? There are so many new issues that will come from this, I can feel it.

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A Farmer's Wife said...

This is one of my biggest fears! We live VERY rurally and our boys either slam our doors shut or they leave them wide open and I always wonder if the sleeping dogs are going to prevent snakes, rodents, etc. from entering our home!!! SCARY!!! Your blog is really cute!