Monday, August 18, 2008

My right hand man

See that adorable guy, he's my oldest (10 going on 30). The sweetest boy you've ever met, as my sis would say, you may think you know another adorable boy but you're wrong, he's the best. :) This kid has got it down to a science. Kids number 3 and 4 (coincidentally their ages in reverse, lol), were having a small disagreement about a pair of hair clips. While I was amused to sit and watch as they walked around my chair arguing, he calmly looked up from what he was doing and called them. He nicely asked his brother for the clips and then asked them if they were going to share nicely, they both replied yes. He then handed each of them a clip. This is most amusing to me because I have always said that if I die tomorrow, he could run the show without missing a beat. Heck he's stricter than me, most days. lol. I love this kid.

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