Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You may call me superwoman :)

Tonight after our family dinner we got out and started on our farm chores. Dh had a chance to witness the excitement of skunk vs calves (apparently quite funny to watch), I missed it. He left for work and the kids and I continued our chores. Cows and pigs were watered and fed and I supervised the grass picking. My lawn mower is still broken and the pigs desperately love grass, I'd say its a win-win. I watched Christmas and her baby, sweetiepie, wander out into the training area, we haven't had a chance to work on the pasture fence :( Since I enjoying watching the animals I walked a little closer. I noticed in that moment that sweetiepie was grazing nicely under the electric fence. Then it clicked, she was grazing comfortably under the fence with no response, that's bad. Just as I connected the dots, Lot walked out into the training area. Thankfully AR was nearby and I climbed in while he ran interference from the outside, we were able to get them back into the barn without incident. I reached for the handle of the barn door and the usually too heavy for me to push or pull door was closed. I was instantly energized I could do anything!!! :) I walked the fence and found the spot of the grounding and fixed it, then I found the second breach and in a matter or minutes I was done. I pushed open the doors once more and the cows were back grazing in the training area. Wow, what a rush!

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