Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quinn or Houdini

Dh went into the barn this afternoon only to find that Quinn had escaped his tie. But not in the way one might think. The rope didn't come loose, the halter didn't slip off, the metal ring was not broken and the lead rope clasp was still intact and functional. From the looks of it, only something/someone with opposable thumbs could have set him free. Since we keep a tight reign on the children we knew they hadn't done it and we don't usually get strangers hanging around the barn. This is a mystery but not as big a mystery as where did he go? We searched the entire pasture, corrals, riding arena and even the roadside. Nothing. This is not the first time we have had this happen so I decided that it was time to build the pen as I has gotten all the pieces at a steal of a deal, $25 :) three-quarter way through the building of the pen, Dh went into the barn and there he was once more. It was almost miraculous, but he'd done this before. We finished up and decided to go get him in since it was almost completely dark.

DH has been telling me for a while that he has been able to just walk up to Quinn and I had seen him do it while Quinn was tied but tonight I witnessed a completely different animal. DH walked up to him while he was free and he didn't even flinch. He still had his halter on so Dh merely held the halter while I attached the new lead rope. In hind sight it was not a good idea to attach it to the top of the halter instead of the ring but that's that whole 20/20 thing, whatever. Anyway, to say the least he slipped out of the halter as we tried to move him, :( Dh once again walked up to this wonderful, confident creature and without much fuss slipped the roping rope around his neck. He attempted to make a run for it, slightly, then calmed down. Halter back on, lead rope securely on the ring we began to walk him, unwillingly to the new pen.

The location of the pen was chosen because of the tie off structure that was erected by the previous owners for their horses. Anyway, we got him in and for the first time in a long time, he ate. YAY!! Dh had told me that he'd seen him eating the calf mana :) We put it in what looks like a beautiful wooden dog food bowl and filled up some water in an old bucket from the garage. Quinn is SM's calf and was thrilled to have him away from the others. He calls him "Bud" :) Maybe that'll be his new name, either that or Houdini :)

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