Sunday, June 8, 2008

1 cow, 2 cows, to Tulsa and back

Having arrived home from Missouri (a state that we will never visit again if we have a say) at 5 am Saturday morning, we were up bright an early at 10 to go pick up the bull calf I bought. The trip was fairly uneventful, though it is worthy of note that Oklahoma has the worst roads of any state we've been to and I can't believe they charge a toll to drive on them. Also, pulling a trailer in a suburban in to strong head winds is killer on your gas mileage, we went through a 1/2 tank of gas in 45 minutes, the winds were so strong. Anyway, we get there and the bull was already and waiting, his brother was not pleased at this development, neither were a few others of the little herd. He is friendly enough so we were ok, as we were looking at some of the others I saw the cutest little bull calf, a Jersey/Dexter cross. She mentioned that he was for sale and so i asked how much, the price was half of the other. I said sold. He looks like a jersey I figured, Jerseys and Dexters both have quality milk with high butter fat, so if I cross him with a good milk producing cow, I should get a even higher producing cow that will be my family milk cow. Then he goes for meat. Any way, I figured that since Dexters are known to be good mothers and can nurse more than one calf that I would have one of my cows adopt him. Sounded good in theory. I get the calves home and the others are not pleased with the new additions. Fortunately for Keegan he was able to get in and they don't mind him, Quinn (the cross) was not as fortunate. Christmas in July, took particular exception to his presence and would not let him in the barn, nor would she let him try to nurse Marian, our other cow. It was a mess, I figured that they would all figure themselves out soon as they did with Keegan and would check back in the morning.

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