Monday, June 9, 2008

A woman with a plan is more dangerous than a man on a mission :)

So I have been toying with how to restrain Quinn all day, he has discovered that he needs to stay with Keegan, THANK GOD!! In fact, while he was strolling along the roadside he made sure to stick close to the fence - the wrong side of the fence but whatever. DH worked on putting up 2 pieces of the new fence and cut an additional piece. I stood looking at the corrals as I knew that the 1st could be my best option with a little work. I continued to churn it around and then it hit me, use the cut piece of fence and trap them all in the 1st corral. I lured them into the corral with the range cubes (cookies if you're talking to Keegan :)) Then shut the gate while I worked on the other gate that needed the reinforcement. It was at that point that I realised that I had a gaping hole under the gate that Quinn would through. Well I was stumped but for a minute and there was a plan, the plan was to block the hole by any means necessary. I put out the two watering cans, the wooden pallet and the wheel barrow and that should be enough to hold him and them til we get the fence up all the way around. As long as I keep giving cookies, the others will be ok, I hope. :)

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