Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things you never want to hear

I was laying down, attempting not to awake from my glorious afternoon nap when I heard, "We found a baby mouse!!" The children were so excited about this new find that they just had to tell DH. There seemed to be some debate over it's vital status, DH insisted it was dead while the children felt it was merely asleep. Guess who was right? The kids!!! :( HG was so excited about this I convinced DH to go take another look at the thing so as not to crush her little hopes. It was at that point that he realised that it was alive and that it's eyes were shut, he seems to think that it is blind. They catch the little critter and wrap it in a plastic bag, thinking that it would quickly be put out of it's misery. WRONG!!! SM insisted on seeing the disgusting little critter and retrieves the bag from the trash, DH had assumed it was dead, he was wrong again. :( They finally set the thing free outside - I have no idea why, I did not wish to know anymore.

Now I know, you're thinking, "you live on a farm, of course there are mice." I get that and I have for the most part accepted that fact, but EWE!!!!! I really enjoy my current relationship with the mice, I don't see them, they don't bother me. This new development is just disturbing, if this was a baby or whatever, why is the mama just dropping it off in my pantry(or cellar room as the kids call it)? What do I look like a daycare, I've got my own kids, there is no watching any others. And no we did not take any pictures, I am just thankful I didn't actually see the thing.


Kansas Mom said...

Not looking forward to mice myself, but I can live with it as long as Kansas Dad takes care of getting them out of the house when they do get in. My parents are out in the country and have very few mice problems. I'm hoping to follow their example.

Spiders are much worse, but I can live with just about anything as long as they stay outside!

Jenna Consolo said...

Yeah, mice are one of those things that are only cute in theory.