Sunday, June 1, 2008

Round 2 of the fencing game :(

I was up late posting and surfing, so I woke up late to say the least. Imagine my surprise when I go to do the morning range cubes and I'm 1 bull short, not cool. I look down the way and realise that my bull is in the wheat field behind us :( I was very thankful the girls opted not to join him as he beckoned. They gave him the, "dead bull walking look" and made their way to the barn for their cubes. Well, I ran back too the house and woke up dh to get is help. He got into the minivan and drove down to the fence line. As he was doing that I was able to get senor bull's attention. It took everything not to run away as he came running to me. He loves those range cubes :) I let him in and all was well. We then found the area he escaped through and began securing like crazy, every spot that even looked a little week was strengthened. We're praying this is the final chapter of the fence adventure, though I expect we will have to invest in a string of electric fence to train the bull and calves.

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