Thursday, June 12, 2008

A deal is done

Well, I must say that the process of buying a vehicle is absolutely horrible. While I recommed going to a dealership that is motivated to sell, it still leaves something to be desired. The sales people were all nice enough, agressive, but nice all the same. Understandably though as we were buying not 1 but 2 vehicles. This was a big deal only because the internet department hadn't made a single other sale for the day. Well 6.5 hours later we had reached a deal and there is only a few loose ends that will be tied up tomorrow. We even got 2 i-pod shuffles and a tank a gas a month for the next six months for each vehicle. Car 1 - 2005 Ford Focus, Car 2 - 2000 Ford Expedition w/ 3rd row seating and all the frills one could ever want. Did you know that cars now have options for the pedals, wow. Well, the tip from todays trip is: NEVER accept the first offer, the second or the thrid for that matter, always hold out until you get to where you're comfortable.

Now off to prepare to sell the mobile home so I can pay for the new cars, wish us luck. :)


Kansas Mom said...

Wow - two cars! How exciting!

Kathleen said...

Glad it all worked out well. I know you Janelle, you are quite the negotiator.

Ginger said...

I agree: car buying is just awful! The last car we bought, I told my dh: I'd rather buy 3 houses than to ever have to buy another car! Much easier buying a house. Sheesh!