Saturday, June 28, 2008


This moving thing is not working out so well at all. We went to pick up the couch and geez louise, that was a task and a half. First it takes the Uhaul place over an hour to hook up the trailer (outrageous!), then we get lost because the google directions didn't specify that Butler Rd and Rose Hill Rd are one in the same. As a result we get to God only knows where and almost got our expedition w/ Uhaul trailer stuck. Dh is absolutely not amused by dirt roads anymore. In fact if it wasn't for the awesome, AWESOME!! food at Louis Rose Hill Cafe the whole of Rose Hill would be excommunicated.

Louis Rose Hill Cafe, try it should you ever happen to be in the area the onion rings are to die for and the burgers are really good too :)

Anyway, I am glad the couch fit, but by the time it was over we had to come straight home as Dh was running late for work. I felt like crap as I promised a lady we'd come and get a (free) full size mattress :(

Well, I've put off my paper long enough, I have decided that I will not use the riding mower until after the paper is written, I'm hopeful it will work :)

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