Friday, June 20, 2008

What a day!!!

I was so excited that I was going to be able to finally sleep in this morning. Skip to this morning when I here AR screaming for me since there was a strange man at our door. I got dressed as quickly as humanly possible, only to find he'd come to tell me that the cows were on the side of the road. Nope not Quinn, but Lot and Keegan. They were casually grazing the side of the road . I raced over in the Suburban and honked the horn at my wayward bulls. Lot immediately ran back into the pasture, slipping through the fence like it were butter :( Keegan took a little more convincing but went back all the same. My kind neighbor happens to have a few cows himself and conveniently had a bull whip with him. I thanked him and raced back to the house to scoop up the children.

DH was in traffic court, thanks in part to my forgetfulness about what month the registration was due :( I went to the Co-op and picked up some range cubes since we were out. I also picked up a mile of electric fence wire and a charger. Guess what we're doing tomorrow :)

I rush home and drive out to see where the cows are only to find that Christmas has escaped this time and is grazing the area between my property and the neighbor's wheat field. I drove in closer hoping to shoo her back into the fence, turns out she is unfazed by vehicles, even those honking wildly at her. I was stunned at first and then I realised that she had good reason, I was now stuck and could not get to her. :( I will need to call my wonderful neighbor to pull me out once more. :(

We were finally able to get Christmas back in but the day continued to be lousy. Work was icky - I'll have to go in this weekend :( Well hopefully tomorrow will be better. :)

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