Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quinn the Cross

I went to give the cows their cubes this morning and found that I was 1 short, Quinn was missing. Everyone of them had the "don't ask me, I didn't see nothing" look, I was infuriated. I was sure that Christmas in July was behind this and let her know in no uncertain terms that I would find out. Anyway, I got DH up and we started to look for him, then I heard a truck honk on I realised that he was walking alongside of the highway. We jumped into the van and began to chase him back into the yard. That was a nightmare by itself as he was scared out of his mind and would run back and then forward for no apparent reason. Finally we got him back into the yard but now we had to get him back into the corral. Yet another nightmare. For 5 hours we chased this calf and he would go in and then escape once again. Turns out that he was escaping through the pipe corral fence. I watched the calf push himself through the fence and then, what looked like pole vaulting, the rest of his body through. At that point we knew we couldn't continue because we had no way to hold him. Keegan went out and was able to get him to stay and then we spooked him for a bit, this is the point at which the minivan got stuck and I had to leave for work. While there I called Tractor Supply, 5 mins from my job and found out that they were closing in 10 minutes. I rushed out of work and picked up the field fencing, ties, cutters, lead rope, halter w/lead rope and lasso. i rushed home but it was time for DH to go to work. I went out to give them their evening cubes and noticed that Quinn was in the corral. AR and I went to try to rope him and keep him in the barn as a severe thunderstorm was approaching. We were not able to get him as he ran into the larger part of the barn with the others and it was dark. I was relieved to see that Christmas in July was not letting him out into the storm. At that point I realised that the storm was upon us and AR and I were trapped in the barn while the littles were in the house :( The winds were up to 80mph and the rain was really coming down, the visibility was low and the lightning and thunder were so scary. AR and I started praying and then we made a mad dash to the house, AR ran and jumped over the fence, while I ran to the fence and had to try to get out and then found that the wind had blown the gate open, so I had to stop and close it. Then I ran to the house and was totally soaked. I guess it's all part of farm life, but that was really scary. I.m praying that that's just a small/minuscule part :)

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