Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting out of Missouri

In my last installment we looked at the wonder of God and how He protected us. This installment is about the strange sense of humor He seems to have. We spoke to the people at AAMCO and they said that they were unable to duplicate the leak and that the car drove for them up onto their ramps. They said that they couldn't say weather the car would make it 1 mile of 500. Well we liked those odds so we promptly paid for the towing and diagnostic service and took it over to Heather, our new friend who sold us the Suburban. She gives it the once over and pretty much says the same thing as AAMCO. As we load up and are ready to leave, the suburban wouldn't start. Can you belive it, right infront of her house. Well she pops the hood and tries to jiggle a few thing and nothing. She gets under the suburban and then says that we need to take it out so that she can have O'Rileys test it. Well hours later we discover that the starter is fine, it is the connector that is corroded that needs to be replaced. (oh, let's give props where they are due, DH was the one who got the starter out, a great achievement for an otherwise mechanically challanged person :)) Anyway, so DH with the instruction of heather puts in the new cable and after hours of waiting we're back on our journey, YAY!! I was hesistant to stop the suburban at this point so I left it running even when we pumped gas, that is until we got to Wichita and I stupidly turned it off. It was dead once again. :( Luckily, Walmart is open 24 hours, DH had done this a few hours before at Heathers and if all else fails we were finally close to home. DH was able to get it back up and running and it hasn't died since. WOOHOO!!!

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