Monday, June 30, 2008

Crop circles and annoyances

First we start with Crop Circles, a phenomenon that I thought was quite peculiar. However there is something so soothing about sitting on a lawn mower and just driving it around in circles. If you do it right you can build quite a pile or disperse one. Interesting how that works. Ah, the joys of mowing. :)

FLIES!!! They annoy me to no end, in fact I am strongly wondering why they exist,. I know that God has a purpose for all of his creatures but, flies . . . really? If there purpose is to annoy then they are fulfilling it tremendously, they even annoy the cows. Maybe that truly is their calling . . . why would that be a necessary purpose? And now I've hit the wall, the tremendously perplexing wall that is the Will of God and His purpose for us all.

Well, I'm off to mow again and spend some much needed time with Him :)

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