Sunday, June 15, 2008

You can lead a horse (calf) to water . . .

Quinn the cross has been roped, twice actually. We roped him the first time and then he slipped out of the halter :( I even had him all nice and tied up on the fence to try feeding him once more. Fortunately at this point we were in the 1st corral, which is fully enclosed and that left him with no place to go. That did not mean he'd go without a fight mind you. Dh roped him the second time as he tried to run through the feed trough. I slipped on the choker collar, though it is not on as it is supposed to be - his head was too big. I also put back on the halter to get him used to wearing it.

We tried to bottle feed him but he wouldn't suck on the bottle. I put the "formula" in a bucket, a pile of calf manna and some hay and we left him tied close to the tree for shade. I am hoping that he will come around soon as he needs to get some nutrients. Anymore trouble from him and DH says he'll be veal. 8(

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