Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Neighbor Service

And I'm not talking about Statefarm!! I called another mechanic listed on the town website and found a part-time mechanic, fulltime farmer on the other end. I explained what was happening and while he didn't have time to fix my suburban, he did offer come pull the minivan out. YAY!!! Of course when he said that he'd be by "sometime today", I was a bit skeptical. Well less than an hour later imagine my surprise and renewed faith in mankind when a big John Dere tractor appeared on my driveway :) I walked him out to the pasture and he told me that he'd had to do the same for the previous owners. Well we start the car and discover that . . . it's out of gas :( Our wonderful neighbor then brought us back some gas, and the engine then started. Oh to hear the sweet sound of an engine starting. So my plan is to get the car seats from the suburban, clean the minivan as much as humanly possible and then trade it in. Will let you know how that goes. IN the mean time, thank God for good neighbors!

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