Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Corrals are done.

Last night I managed to get Marian in with Keanu and Quinn. They were hold up in the 1st corral though I know I would need to let them out for more grazing ground soon.

Today was a big biking day around town, the kids had a blast saying hi to all the people as they rode by. Dh and I began working on the fences on the third corral to contain Quinn from getting out into the pasture and arena areas. I am happy to sat that those areas are now completed.

A trip to the farm supply store revealed that we are able to get farm tax benefit just by letting the cashier know :) We bought some Calf manna to try to help Quinn especially since he is so resistant to milk replacer. :(

The children had a change to fully experience summer by playing with the sprinkler (also known as playing in the mud :)) They'd played in the mud last week but didn't have the sprinkler then so they were really excited. Baby and I sat under a shady tree and watched the fun.

I am still waiting for DH to bring home the pictures for the other day, I promise they are coming . . . soon :)

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