Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, we've decided that the time has come to actually move. You know all our stuff. What is it about moving that makes you look at your old stuff and think, "can't we just burn it and start over?" . . . maybe that's just me. I hate moving, there was a time when people would have thought otherwise but it's true I hate it. We've lived in that mobile home for over 3 years and that's the longest either of us has been in a single place since we've left our parents house. It's amazing how much junk one can collect in that time frame. For example we have a room with almost nothing but clothes that we don't use. The clothes we used to use are still in baskets in the living room. I said used to, it was not a misprint. We have been in the new house for a month and have not used those clothes, I'm thinking we not even need them. One would think, cool, garage sale, but I'm not that coordinated nor am I patient or domestic enough to go through all of them and wash, fold, bag . . . way too much work. It is SO much easier to toss it all and start over. Believe me there will be no before and after pics of that disaster. I am hoping to be more organized in this new house, there is so much more space and closets and shelves. We have been camping out for the last month and it's time to get serious and make this a home. I bought bunk beds for the kids:

Now they can sleep in their own rooms, YAY!! :) Since we will have a uhaul trailer for the beds, we'll pick up some of our stuff (that we still like) from the mobile home :)

God is so good, we found my old keys, that had been lost for about a year. Of course it took DH breaking a window to get in the Mobile home, so we could get in to do it but whatever. Those keys included a key to our mailbox which had 4 checks waiting to be cashed :) YAY!! Well I should get back to work. We're still going through pics from my sister's visit so there will be more soon :)


Kansas Mom said...

If you have a bunch of kid clothes, you should take them to Kid to Kid. They'll give you cash or store credit (more with store credit, of course) and will even give the stuff they don't buy to Goodwill for you.

Alternatively, you could just give it all to Goodwill yourself.

Kansas Mom said...

p.s. Nice bunk beds. That's probably the route we'll go when our kids are a bit older.

Anonymous said...

I so understand :) I hate moving too, and if we hadnt been getting our other house ready to sell so quickly, I'd have taken forever to get it all moved too.

Love ya!