Sunday, June 1, 2008

So I forgot to give some more

Ok so back to the sale barn, imagine my amusement when the auctioneer announces that he has a statue of, "a colored boy supposed to be holding a fishing pole." I just about died laughing. It is nice to see that people don't get all PC just because a black (that's right I prefer black instead of African-American) chic moves to town. Folks come up to us and talk, even to the kids like normal. They are helpful and friendly. The younger auctioneer came by and oooed and aaaaad at IL, told her she should have been there earlier when his little one was there. Some random stranger, Steve, came and introdued himself, although I am not sure who he is. Our insurance girl was really excited to finally meet me, we've talked for so long, I was thrilled to have a face to put with the name. All in all, they are just regular folks not caught up with the trapping of our PC culture.

Heck, the guy at the coop has supplied us with 2 free watering troughs, even though I offered to pay :) It's also nice to find a town not overly concerned by a person with tatoos :)

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