Monday, June 16, 2008

Frogs, cows and progress . . .

Well, I awoke this morning to find that there was frog in the bedroom. I recognised the little bugger as one that had been around the yard. Of course it could also just be one that looked like him but whatever. The point is I did not freak out and that's important.

I came home to find that AR had caught two frogs, of which he had been carrying one around in his pocket. His explanation was classic - "I didn't want to loose it." :) You'd think with all these frogs the cows would get a break from the flies but no.

DH informed me this afternoon that he had freed Quinn of his post so that he could dry off in the barn, he was also able to pet Marian while she ate some sweet feed. This is a good sign that we may get a change to milk her soon. We'll need to work on an enclosed area for her in the barn as our "big baby", Lot, barged in and pushed her out of the way while he made a pig of himself with the sweet feed. It's a good thing he's so big because I watched her flip Quinn over with her horns, OUCH!!

Well, It's wet again today so we'll have to wait until things are dry to go see what wood we have available and what we'll need to buy to make a proper milking stall. On the car front, they have sent me home with a rental as they discovered that they do not have all the parts in stock :( On the upside the 2008 model of the Focus is sweet!!

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Kansas Mom said...

I know the day is coming when First Son will stash frogs in his pockets, too. I'm not looking forward to it, but I know it's coming. Right now we mostly deal with pine cones and rocks. My brother-in-law used to catch bees and other such things in his lunch box then forget to mention it to his mom when it was time to clean them. Yikes!