Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A good routine

Today we tied Quinn in the barn without much fuss, a hog whip is so handy on calves. He is eating the calf manna and since I was able to get some fence, that was previously used as a dog run, we will create a small pen for him close to the barn over by the chicken coop.

I was able to rope Keegan again, the first time he slipped through but the second time he ran for dear life as he did the day I got the rope burn. This time I was ready though and I had my gloves, which are extra padded. :) Those things started to smoke a bit when he pulled but DH grabbed ahold of the rope with me and we pulled him in. oh he kept trying to take us on a run but we held strong. Finally DH held him close and I was able to fix his halter. We put the leash on and led him to the barn where he was tied not too far from Quinn.

Note to self, pick up a bull whip. Keegan seemed rather unfazed by the hog whip. On the upside Quinn has become more comfortable with DH and I and doesn't run when we walk up to him. He like being petted. Keanu seems to like him too and shared some calf manna with him, but she could just be using him for the food, lol. Women!! heehee :)

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asplendidtime said...

Hahaha! So glad to see you blogging. Your ranch sounds so lovely. Good for you guys!

Be blessed,
Rebecca in Alberta ~Momto85boys3girls