Saturday, June 28, 2008

What exactly do you DO with 7 head of cattle?

Well my 4yo can tell you, the 3 M's of cattle/cows: 1. Milk, 2. Money and/or 3. Meat. We will later explain the 4th M which is More. Every animal must fill one or more of these purposes to stay on our little ranch. Quinn for example is kept to produce a milk cow, she will produce meat for our freezer. He will then be sold or go to the freezer. Since we've been able to contain him, we will not be having veal anytime soon. Each child has been assigned an animal, this should help them reconcile the 3 M's. HG loves steak so we'll see if she's willing to part with her heifer, although she loves bacon and keeps asking when we're getting pigs :)

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Kansas Mom said...

Kansas Dad is already planning to name our animals things like Mr. Bacon and Mr. Hamburger. That way, there's no confusion.

The milk cow can have a real name, though, since the plan would be to keep her around for a while.

Not that we're getting any animals soon.