Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not to be outdone

I awoke this morning to find my oldest saying that a neighbor was at the door . . . wait . . . I feel like this is deja vu. The only differences are that the neighbor was a woman and only 1 bull was loose. Thankfully, he is an easy one to get, he loves his range cubes and will come running to get them. DH shook the bucket, then opened the gate and he walked back inside. DH then found the spot of the escape and fixed it. It's amazing how much cows/bulls/pigs are just like toddlers, testing every measure of boundaries. (roll eyes here :))

I am thankful however that with all the rain the pigs did not get loose and the pen does not smell, even when we're close up. :) They love their mud though. We have found them to be so fascinating that we pull up our lawn chairs and get ready for the feeding show to begin. It is hilarious to throw the food in and see them pile on each other to get their share. They work their way around as it is not uncommon to be squeezed out of the group and have to fight to get back in.

And so ends another day filled with fun. Join us tomorrow when we do our head count :)

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