Sunday, July 13, 2008


The point of this blog is to be as open and real as possible about the journey from moving from city life to country life. That would not be complete if I didn't also talk about the need to be proper stewards of our resources. This lesson came with a gentle nudge this weekend when we realised that we had not adequately planned how we were going to spend the money we had. Imagine the surprise to realise we had spent every penny.

There were lots of things that were unpredictable, the more than $400 in vehicle registrations, the $200 in pig panels for the pen and the list goes on. The point is there were other areas, like trips to McDonald's or Wendy's because we didn't plan adequately for long trips, that could have been eliminated.

Thankfully we stocked up on food a little last week and on Friday we had full tanks of gas. This week will be interesting to see how we manage the resources we have. I am thankful that God gives us these gentle nudges to help rein us in and bring us back into focus of the big picture.

To say the least the tractor is out but I figure God has a plan and maybe even a better one for us. We are learning to better stewards of our resources and that is a good lesson.

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