Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have decided that logic is not something men are born with the ability to use, in fact I am pretty convinced that men that have learned to apply it have only learnt to do so by hitting their head against a wall repeatedily. DH, love him dearly, but the man has no ability to use logic. His inability to think things through is unnerving at best, irritating most of the time and pretty darn humorous on occassion.

I was chatting last night with a few momys when I heard mooing. That is rather unusual believe it or not. I thought to myself it had to be Quinn but why was he mooing, he is usually very quiet at night. Well, I was not about to go outside to find out considering that it was around midnight and I have neither a shotgun, baseball bat or flashlight for that matter.

We decided that it would be best to create some noise and scare off whatever might be bothering him, so I set off the car alarm. That seemed to work for a little bit. Thinking nothing more of it I went to bed. DH called letting me know he was heading home and then again, that was strange. He was outside the house and found the source of the mooing, it was Marion. Keanu, her baby, had gotten out of the electric fence (since somebody didn't listen to me about the calves getting out with no electricity running to the bottom wire).

Keanu is a beautiful dark chocolate colored calf, very skiddish though :( She is the only one of the animals that we have not "touched" in some way. I'm hoping it's a phase, leave me in my denial. Anywho, this morning she found herself between a rock and a hard place as it were. On the one side she had her mother (who had missed her night feeding and it was looking like she might not get the morning one either) who was very full of milk (that hurts let me just say, ouch!) not to mention she is scared for her baby. On the other side is my DH who has put no thought into what comes next, only I want to catch her now.

After a few minutes of laying down I finally decide to go an offer my assistance. As a mother I can feel for Marion and I can tell that Keanu is afraid. At this point my DH is very frustrated as the calf (and the cows) are not doing as he wants. I finally convince him to let her be for a bit so that we can think this thing through. Little steps like closing the backside of the barn so that if she comes close enough to the training area we can let her back in without letting the others out. Done.

She keeps running for a bit longer until gets into the arena area, without thinking Dh begins to open the gate. I yell across the areana, "DO NOT OPEN THAT GATE!!" He was not pleased, it hadn't occurred to him that by opening the gate she'd be able to get to the pasture and then we'd be stuck. Finally she makes her decision and decides to come back in the way she got out, taking the sting of the electric fence rather than being caught. I probably would have done the same.

Mother and baby were reuinted and it all was right once more :) So I ask you this, at what point do you think men learn to apply logic? :)

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