Friday, July 18, 2008

Early to bed; Early to rise.

No matter how many times I've heard this I could never quite convince myself of the value of waking up early. It really seemed rather useless. I have been trying out a new schedule of going to work for 7:30, there are a few things I have discovered: 1. I am way more productive when I get there at 7:30 than when I would get in at 9, 2. The really great parking spots are all pretty much open, 3. There are a ton of other people in my office that come in at that hour. Of course this means that I can no longer chat with dh during his lunch but I am hoping that I will start waking up when he comes home so that we can do morning chores together as we will have an hour to ourselves before I have to get ready for work. Not to mention this new schedule will give us an hour and a half after I get home before he has to leave for work. So sadly this means that my night owl days are numbered and I will have to go to bed by 10:30. I guess it's a fair trade :)

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