Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fence adventures : Part . . . who knows

I started my day making breakfast for the pigs a wonderful medely of fruits and vegies etc. I threw their food in and before I could sit and enjoy the pig pile (lol) I figured I'd go work on getting them fresh water. Imagine my surprise when I see Lot mosey on up to me like nothings wrong. Of course that was before he saw that I was holding the hose and the water was on, lol. Maybe it's because the water from the hose is cold . . . maybe.

Anyway, I walk off thinking I should go get him some cube but decided that I was tired of him being such a cube whore (pardon the expression). I walked over to the corral gate and just called him over and he calmly walked in without even a word. I'm glad that he is so manageable as I would not expect this type of obedience from any of the others.

The only trouble we're having is that we cannot figure out where he is getting out. Dh walked the entire fence and was baffled. So once again the cows are penned until further notice. :(

Maybe I could just live with his nightly escapes . . . nah, that's probably not safe and there's no guarantee that the cows would not eventually decide to follow his lead. Oh well, I will have to take a look tomorrow.

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