Friday, July 4, 2008

Hair cut and books

I usually shave my boys heads bald each summer so that 1. they look neat and tidy and 2. I have a few months not to have to do anything else.(don't you dare say lazy) :) Anyway, today I realised that I did not have a working pair of clippers so I turned to the next best thing, scissors :) Having changed my hair frequently during college I am no stranger to a pair and am definitely not shy using them :) Well I must say, my little man looks so handsome. I am very pleased with his haircut (pics to come soon, promise :))

Since becoming tv free my children have discovered the joy of books. My oldest has been spotted on several occasions reading to his captive audience . . . er . . . siblings :) My mother in law sent us the Dr Seuss books and they are hooked. I think we may move my oldest up to some of the Hardy boys books so that he has something closer to his reading level but for now I am just thrilled that they are enjoying reading and book.

They also have a strange fascination with playing tag. They run around and around and laugh hysterically. At least they're getting some exercise and having a good time bonding. :)


skj said...

Have the kids learned hide and seek yet? I always had a great time playing that as a kid.

aka BNR said...

They love hide and seek, an especially fun game now that we have so many places to hide. There are closets everywhere, it is great.

Kansas Mom said...

Wow - TV free. That's impressive. We've talked about it, but Kansas Dad would probably waste away without his football. (It's a good thing Sunday Night Football has surpassed Monday Night Football since he'll be teaching on Monday nights this fall.)

Currently the kids (meaning First Son since First Daughter doesn't care about TV) are limited to one video a day. I'm thinking that might get cut back a little more this fall, but we'll see how things go. (And we don't turn on the TV otherwise during the day...except for football when it's in season.)