Friday, July 11, 2008

Pig adventures: Part 3

DH had to go to Wichita to get our dog groomed, he needed the works (before and after pics coming). There was also an issue of needing to register our new vehicles and take the "new" focus to the dealership. Anyway, that's all a story for another time. By the time it was all said and done we were leaving to come home around the same time.

Imagine our surprise to find that the pigs had escaped their pen :( I had read that pigs like to dig but I did not expect this. (I enjoy my naivete) Anyway, Dh once again opened the gate to the pen after having stocked it with food and we began to wait. Just then the new and improved Sammy proceeded to round the pigs up by running ahead and behind them, and then rounded up any strays that he missed. We were in shock as this wonderful little mutt just herded them one after the other into the pen. YAY, Sammy (we totally take back every dumb dog comment - he kept trying to attack the cows).

We have since put bricks down in all areas that are either low lying or that have very soft soil. They go check thing out to see if they can dig and walk away.

They also seem to have established a potty section of the pen, they sleep and eat on the other parts. I have really become fascinated by them and it is so cool to see their personalities. The one that I have really taken a fancy to is a solid reddish brown color and is so mellow and relaxed. It is hilarious to watch as (he/she - dunno yet) just lays there trying to sleep as the others run around in a practical frenzy.

I will have to video tape what feeding time looks like as there really is no way to adequtely explain it.

Next on my to do list is to extend their pen to wrap around the barn and buil them a 3 sided shelter off the barn. So much to do, so little time.

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Jomarie said...

YAY Sammy !!!! Can't wait to see the pics of him with his new 'do. How good that he wants to be useful. Sandy would probably be laying down in the house somewhere trying to AVOID the pigs :) YAY Sammy!!!