Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ramblings . . .

My arm hurts, it's pretty all of a sudden and disturbing. It hit me as I was about to drive home from Church. I finally got to go to Mass, YAY!!!! I'll get back to that. But seriously my arm hurts, up by my shoulder but on the arm. It's like I've been punched or something. :( Ok now that I'm done whining.

I went to Mass. There is something about going to Mass that makes me feel renewed and energized. My sis and I were chatting about it tonight and while I don't get the whole exercise and feeling good analogy, I totally get the it makes you feel good thing. When you don't get there it doesn't quite hit you that something is missing until you've missed quite a few and then you know somethings off but may not be sure what and then you get there and you realise it's like getting a drink of water on a hot day and your so thirsty. I can't imagine what it'd be like walking around a desert without water but that's just cause I can't imagine the walking part :) The thirst part I totally get and that for me is the feeling of missing Mass.

We've finally figured out a way to get to Mass with our crazy schedule and while there are several hours of prep work that are required to get there, it is so worth it.

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