Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nikon Coolpix P80 - What do you think?

Here is the Camera that has caught my attention:

Nikon Coolpix P80

The reviews would indicate that for a non-pro like myself this would be a great camera. What do you think? Anyone tried it? Hate it/Like it/Love it/Can't live without it?


Beth said...

Try Cnet for an unbiased review of this camera. Here is the link.

I hope this helps you. Beth

another day in paradise said...

how about 'want it' is that an option? Sorry - I do want a new camera

christy gale said...

just found your site, thru pioneer women and I would like to say I love my nikon d70 (which they replaced with the d80) I would look at the d60 or the d80, I don't think you would regret either one. I love nikon they are great cameras.

Country Girl said...

I use a D80 which is more pricey and I also have 3 different lenses for it, but before I got this, I used a simple point & shoot only it was a Sony. I don't think you can go wrong with a Nikon. I've always been partial to them.

I use to check stuff out and your camera sounds like a nice one! Have you read this?,2817,2282529,00.asp

Good luck!
BTW, saw your comment on PW's site.

Janelle said...

I don't think I'm ready for an SLR just yet but the P80 seems to be a beginners dream. I don't have the issue of waiting 5 seconds for a feature, but then I'm not that quick so there is no need for the spead of light response time that seems to be the only noticeable con listed. PC Mag hasn't reviewed it yet but has reviewed it's predecessor the P60 and highly recommends it for beginners. I wil begin saving for this little number now and hopefully get it by Christmas :) Thanks everyone.

Jennifer said...

we just bought the Kodak P712.. its an awesome camera and found online most places for around $450! we got ours barely used for $130. That man of mine is a bargain hunter :)

it takes amazing pictures and has amazing features but is still simple enough for someone like me ;)