Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today the children started learning how to play Candy land and The very hungry Caterpillar. I was pleased that they were willing to pick up all the pieces before moving on to the other games. They also got to play in the little pool twice today and then I decided to work on the outdoor game set that I had gotten them for Christmas.

The set includes games like volleyball, badminton and some other games I don't think I know the actual names of. Anyway, it was really great, I totally crushed my oldest at badminton - of course he'd never played before but I'm still claiming the win :)

As I was setting up the net I realised that prior to moving here, I was a confirmed indoor person only. In fact I was anti-outdoors. I didn't even like the light to enter, nor the air through the windows. But something about this place makes me want to be outside most days. I like the cool breezes and often don't mind the heat (as long as I'm in the shade :))

To say the least this works out very nicely for the children as the love being outdoors and finally have a chance to do so. I'm thankful that they have a chance to really enjoy their summer even though there are no organized extra curricular activities. They may not know what is happening on the latest shows but they are getting a great tan and having a blast doing it.


Kansas Mom said...

I'm hoping to become more of an outdoor person myself. Most afternoons, Kansas Dad takes the kids to the back yard. Of course, it's the middle of July and I'm 9 months pregnant, so that may have something to do with it, too. (I've been trying to nap while they're playing in the little pool.)

skj said...

Organized activities are a recent and overused innovation. Parents used to say, "Go outside and play," and kids went out and played with no adult meddling. The result was learning to take the initiative, improvise, and do things on their own. Too many kids today lead overscheduled, overstructured lives with no opportunity to grow by entertaining themselves. Sounds like your bunch is getting some good free time outside.