Monday, July 7, 2008

Long Day!!

We started the morning pretty early heading out to Wichita to take care of business. Of course we realised 40 minutes into the trip that we forgot the stock trailer which was half the purpose of the trip :( We still needed to go so we continued thinking that we'd go to the bank and then check mail and head home to take care of our fence. Not quite.

We got to the bank and everything moved quickly, YAY!! Then as we looked for a bite to eat I remember that I had scheduled a Dr's appointment this afternoon :( That was way too many hours away but we took it in stride figuring that we could go look at plants in the mean time. We went to Lowes and found a few, I was devastated however that they were throwing away shelf after shelf of plants :( (Devastated that they would just send them home with me that is :) )

At this point I was driving as DH's face was still swollen from an abscessed tooth for yesterday. I called the local dentist but since they hadn't seen him they could do a prescription. I finally found a real live person at our former dentist's office and they wrote the prescription. We went to wally world to have it filled and as Dh went it the phone rang, it was the local dentists office calling to make sure he was able to get the prescription. (aaawwww)

Anywho, we decided to go to the local tag office and get a refund on our tag from the voyager, figuring that it would be a while and it was but we'll soon have our $35, lol. Then we headed back to wally world but the prescription was not ready yet. I started looking around the garden department to see what vegies they had available, I was in luck they had way more than Lowes :)

As I perused their selection a woman walking out caught my eye, only because there were 2 men and another woman hurrying toward her. It was crazy, she stepped out of her flip flops and started yelling that they could not touch her. Well the 2 big guys weren't listening to that, one subdued her by grabbing her arm and keeping it behind her back as the other instructed the woman with them to grab her bag. They all left to go have a nice little chat elsewhere until the police arrived. Fortunately for me I had heard a million stories similar to this so it was really interesting to see it first hand.

I finally checked out with about 20 plants and dh went off to check on the prescription. We made a brief stop at Family Dollar who was having a 50% off sale and got a few books for the children, since Dh forgot to pack milk or formula for IL :( Then we were finally on our way home. We needed to make a quick stop in the little town before ours to let the nice folks we met yesterday that we would not be buying one of their puppies. While we would love to get an Australian Shepherd, neither of us has the time to commit to train the puppy to be a herd dog. :(

We went home and finally got started on planting the 25 new plants and spreading some seeds for the cattle feed we are trying to grow. We want to be as self sufficient as we can. In fact several of the plants bought are in preparation for our soon to be bought pigs.

Anyway the day has finally ended and it was at that point that we realised that we completely forgot to do some grocery shopping. Turns out our little town (Liquor store and all) shuts down at 9pm Monday thru Thursday. :( Dh had to drive 20 minutes to get a few things from the horribly overpriced convenience store on the Highway. :( Well I'm off to enjoy my $2 soda.

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Kansas Mom said...

We're thinking of getting pigs, too, once we have a little farm. Chickens first, then pigs and a cow or two in a few years. You're going at light speed compared to what I'm willing to do!