Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sleeping in and mother's wisdom

What is it about sleeping in that makes everything better? Dh and I watched a movie (fool's gold) when he got home at 5 and before it was over the children had woken up. Once it was over we went to bed and it was a glorious sleep. Naturally once I woke up my house was trashed but that was great sleep.

Whenever I see my house trashed I am perpetually haunted by my mother. (no she's not dead, but she haunts me anyway) For years she would talk about training the children to pick up after themselves, but that has always sounded like work :( I mean I have tried and they do if I'm there but it's the minute I turn my back that they forget everything. I guess we'll have to work in this training thing, *yuck*. I did not sign up for this quasi-military lifestyle.

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