Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lots of Rain and birthday fun

When you add days of rain to a pig pen you get funky smell :( The pigs are loving their giant mud pit, unfortunately, without a easily distinguishable potty area it means that they have opted to go on either end of the pen. I look forward to a few drier days. But, in the mean time I am extra thankful that I live upwind of the pig pen :)

To be fair though, the cow area isn't smelling so sweet right now either :( But they spend a lot of their time in the pasture so there is less smell issues to deal with when filling their water. Though it would be nice if I could teach them to all go in the same spot out in the pasture, like that could happen, lol. Anyone know where I might get a copy of cow training for dummies? :) I'm looking for the crate training chapter, haha.

Well, today was baby's 1st birthday and we did our ritual; cupcakes, hats and banner :) She loved it, though she was a bit confused about the birthday candle. I don't think she'd seen a flame before so she half wanted to touch it and half cautious of it. She decided to just wait and see what we were going to do about it instead. Once the flame was gone she knew exactly what to do and began sucking and licking the frosting off the candle :) She didn't even bother to start in on her cupcake until the candle was clean, lol. Yes pics are coming . . . soon, I promise, have I ever let you down . . . don't answer that . . . I said they're coming :)

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