Saturday, July 26, 2008

Living for the moment

As an adult I see how much my father influenced my life. Take something as simple as an egg breakfast. My father has ALWAYS without fail, had his eggs either scrambled dry or boiled with salt and black pepper. Those were the only 2 options and as such that is all I ever knew. It's not that my mother didn't enjoy her eggs any other way it is just that his was the deciding vote in most all things food. Even after they split my food destiny seemed pretty well formed and I seemed doomed to never experience the wonders of food. That is until today when I decided to not repeat the cycle and allow my dh to take the lead and expand our children's food experiences. I found a great recipe on PW and I decided to make it for dh and allowed his experience to be the one that shaped the children's perception.

The experiment seems to be a success, even my most picky eaters are raving about egg-in-a-hole. I have always been fascinated by eggs over easy and/or medium and decided to give it a try (you only live once right), not to mention I have always been curious about the rich yellow stuff's flavor. I'm not sure what the big deal is but it wasn't bad. So today I lived if only but for that moment :)

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Jomarie said...

Good luck with this, crazy woman. Anything but scrambled dry is terrifying to me!
My personal motto? : If God didn't want things FULLY cooked ...(s)He wouldn't have invented fire...

I leave you to ponder on this one, as I head off to sushi night. Ciao! :)