Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thinking more about the pigs.

I was talking with dh and since the initial shock, from the stench, of the pigs has worn off, they really are quite pleasant. Here is a pic from where they came from

Observe the cold hard concrete floor that is devoid of all warmth as these cuties deserve. You should also observe the lack of vegetation for them to forage and the nice clean warm soil so that they can burrow.

There are a lot of pig set ups similar to this and quite frankly they are appauling. Our pigs have a wonderful area that they can dig to their hearts content and create as many mud puddles as they can handle. They also have a wonderful assortment of fruits, veggies and grain. We're working on fresh eggs to add to their diet. Sure it's not the cheap easy way to do it but we prefer happy pigs :)

It is so fun to watch them play and run around. Depending on how this all goes, we will have to re evaluate this no more pigs idea. They have really been quite interesting. We will be creating 2 additional pig areas to be able to move them as they get bigger. Funny how opinions can change in such a short time :)

Pics will be sent to be developed on Friday (our computer card reader no longer works :( )

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