Thursday, July 31, 2008


No, not frog, fog. This morning the weather outside mirrored my mood, there seemed to be a fog hanging over me and I really had no desire to get out of bed. Turns out the sun is in breech of contract and I think I may have to sue. The deal is quite simple, if the sun gets up them so do I. Well if the sun was up, it was obviously not doing it's job as the fog was so thick I couldn't see the barn from my bedroom window and it looks directly at it. Well dh got me out of bed against my will and got me ready for work then I poured myself into the car and forced myself to stay awake for the entire hour drive. Once I parked I wanted to go back to sleep but a Ford Focus is quite small and I don't imagine it would be comfortable so I went to my desk, stopping for a quick shot of hot chocolate with coffee :) Well I'd better do some work :)

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