Friday, July 18, 2008

So many pics, so little time :)

WARNING: These are not professional quality pictures and they should not be critiqued as such, lol :)

Sammy Before

Sammy After - Could you tell it's the same dog?

Here's another

As promised here are piggy pics :)

First let my introduce you to the diggers

Please note the fresh mud on their legs. Of course it is hard to deny the fact that they are outside of their pen.

My cool dude

I've decided that he must be practising for later in life, lol.

Can't you just picture the apple in his mouth? :)

Here is a random shot with all the pigs.

Notice that Sammy is standing guard while dh is putting up the bricks :) My little guard dog, thinks he's so tough, lol.

This one is to try to give you an idea of the size of the pen.

I like this pic because it looks like the cows were just parked in front of the barn, a completely unstaged pic, I might add.

Doesn't this smile scream, I'm having an awesome summer? It does to me :)

Here are the oldest 3 feeding the pigs

Well that's all for now folks. What do you think? I told you I'd put up the pics :)

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Jomarie said...

YAY! Great pics. The pig pen is not where I expected. But that's a good place. The pigs don't look so bad as I thought either. But Sammy is my MOSTEST FAVORITEST pic. He looks great!!!